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These sections will be updated frequently with the updates to this site as well as news articles from around the web based on overall general interest.  Click here to send comments or questions.

Web Updates

- Jan 2, 2000

After a great deal of frustration, finally moved discussion forums from MS Front Page Server Side Extensions to Perl CGI scripts.

- Dec 20, 2000

Added E-mail notification sign-up form

- Dec 11, 2000

Added weekly survey

- Nov 6, 2000

Updated Midware training page

- Sept 25, 2000

Updated Tips & Tricks

- Sept 19, 2000

Added AS/400 discussion groups - RPG, Java, DB2/400, and Administration

- Sept 14, 2000

Added Tips & Tricks to AS/400 section

- Sept 11, 2000

Added RPG ILE tutorial to AS/400 Education section

- July 21, 2000

Added AS/400 section


AS/400  & IBM News

- Jan 3, 2000

IBM Releases New Express Client Beta - Midrange Computing
After getting final sign-off approval from somebody named Le Gal at IBM, IBM posted the new Express client beta on their Web site on January 2nd.

- Dec 29, 2000

Analyst Cuts Revenue Outlooks for IBM And Dell - CNET News
In another sign that demand for personal computers is weakening, Prudential Securities cut its revenue outlook Thursday for both International Business Machines Corp. and Dell Computer Corp.

- Dec 28, 2000

IBM claims fastest Unix workstation - ZDNet
IBM on Thursday proclaimed itself fastest of the fast in low end Unix uniprocessor workstations.

- Dec 27, 2000

IT labor crisis continues - Search400.com
Despite the recent collapse of many dot-com startups and a slowdown in the economy, any significant growth in the pool of viable IT professionals is not likely say many experts.

- Dec 22, 2000

IBM Offers Up 64-Bit Linux Code To The WorldTechWeb
IBM has made portions of its 64-bit Linux code available to the open source community, the company said Friday. The experimental patches can be downloaded from the IBM website.

- Dec 11, 2000

IBM, Intel Announce Chip Advances - Motley Fool
Chip giants IBM and Intel both announced breakthrough chip technologies. IBM has started using a new manufacturing technology, while Intel promises transistors as small as three atoms thick, making chips almost seven times faster than its recently released Pentium 4.

- Dec 8, 2000

Four found guilty of insider trading related to IBM, Lotus - CNET News
A jury in federal court in New York found four defendants liable in a civil insider-trading case related to IBM's 1995 takeover of Lotus Development, according to reports.

- Dec 7, 2000

User group presses IBM to put Linux on AS/400 - Computer Weekly
Pressure from users could force IBM to offer Linux across the AS/400 server range, an IBM executive told the company's Computer Users Association (CUA) at a recent technical training day.

- Nov 14, 2000

More IT Workers, but the Job Market’s Still Tight - AS/400 Network
If you think the job market for IT workers should be experiencing a long overdue windfall, you’re not alone. But you’re wrong, analysts say.

- Oct 31, 2000

V5R1 to Be Rochester’s Biggest Release Yet - AS/400 Network
Early next year, Big Blue plans to release “the biggest software release we’ve ever delivered from Rochester,” says Ian Jarman, iSeries product marketing manager. Anticipated sometime in first or second quarter, the next release of OS/400, expected to be V5R1, should deliver important enhancements to Operations Navigator, logical partitioning (LPAR), and clustering, among others.

- October 9, 2000

IBM expands Red Hat use for servers - CNET News
Red Hat, the top distributor of Linux operating system software in the United States, said IBM's new server and mainframe computers will run Red Hat Linux.

- October 3, 2000

IBM unveils new name, strategy for servers - CNET News
IBM rebranded its entire line of servers today, as the company retrenches to fight customer confusion and catch up with rival Sun Microsystems.

- September 25, 2000

Two opinions on the IBM server line name changes:

Name change is just a gimmick without strategic re-branding - Search400.com

Forget Carly, my money's on Lou - ZDNet



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