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Unfortunately, the consulting industry often gives itself a bad reputation.  Although the vast majority of consulting firms are indeed reputable, there are still too many companies willing to make a quick buck at the expense of compromised customer satisfaction.  Many of us have worked with, or even for, some of these companies.  Predictably, the entire industry is then tagged with derogatory names like headhunters or body-shops.

Midware was founded from my personal enjoyment and enthusiasm with the technology industry.  I've personally been programming since I was 13 years old.  I was fascinated by the idea that I could program a machine to do things for me.  My lifelong goal at that time was to somehow, someway be a professional programmer!

I have worked in the IT industry professionally since I was 18.  I've seen many trends come and go.  I've also seen many people who aren't enthusiastic about technology pursue a career in IT.  These people are often lured by the promise of a solid job market with good salaries.  It's normally not too long before they're disillusioned.  If your heart's not in it, it's not easy dealing with us computer geeks.

Midware makes a special effort to employ only individuals that have a genuine interest and excitement with the technology field.  These are people that take pride in their skill sets and the quality of their work.

At the same time, we also realize that technology is changing at a mind-numbing rate.  Too often, the latest and greatest technologies are used, regardless of whether they're proven or not.  Tried and true technologies are overlooked in favor of the latest "flavor of the month".  This technology for the sake of technology attitude can easily lead to timeline and cost overruns.

We understand that the only way for us to be successful is to make you successful.  That is why in addition to focusing on technical skills, we also emphasize our business skills.  After all, the eventual goal of every IT project is to benefit a company - either through tangible means (increased revenue, cost saving, etc.) or intangible means (customer satisfaction, employee morale, etc.).  If the project costs exceed the benefits, the project was a failure.

At Midware, we will work with you to keep your project costs in check.  By minimizing our overhead, we're able to lower your costs as well as offering more competitive wages and benefits to our employees.

We are looking forward to working with you to help meet your goals.  Please feel free to contact me, either by e-mail or by using the feedback form.


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