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Creating Modules


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Recall from our discussion of OPM vs. ILE that RPG IV source members are first compiled into modules, then bound into programs.  This is true even if you use the CRTBNDRPG one-step compile command.

Unfortunately now that we are beginning to use external procedures, we aren't allowed the convenience of the one-step compile process anymore.

We must first compile our source member containing our procedures.  This is done with the CRTRPGMOD command (PDM option 15).

There is a one-to-one relationship between a source member and a module, therefore, you probably want to name the module the same as the source member.

Once you've compiled a module containing exported procedures, those procedures may be used by other modules.  There are a number of different methods to bind these modules and procedures together.  We'll cover these one at a time, starting with the simplest.

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