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A binding directory is an AS/400 object of type *BNDDIR that contains an ordered list of service programs and/or modules.  You can use the command CRTBNDDIR to create a new binding directory, and the commands WRKBNDDIR (with with binding directories) and WRKBNDDIRE (with with binding directory entries) to change the binding directories.

In a sense, a binding directory is very similar to a library list.  However instead of containing a list of libraries, it contains a list of service programs and/or modules.

When a program or service program is created, instead of specifying the module(s) and/or service program(s) that contain the necessary procedures, you can indicate a binding directory.

When the compile process needs to resolve a procedure call, it will look for the procedure in the first object specified in the binding directory.  If it finds it there, it will use that one.  If not, it will look in the second entry, and so on.

The binding directory is used only during the compile process.  If a binding directory is changed, you do not need to recompile your programs.

How you use binding directories are entirely up to you.  One possible use is to create one binding directory that contains all the service programs in your system.  You can then change the CRTPGM command default to automatically include the binding directory when creating programs.  If no procedures are needed, no harm will be done.

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