Client Access Print - Special Fonts
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Posted by: Alan
Fri, Nov 22, 2002, 08:18:49

We have several Fujitsu DL6400 printers in our shop that have been printing our receiving tickets for years. The receiving tickets are generated from an AS/400 that the DL6400 printers are hooked to by parallel cable into an AS/400 dumb terminal.

Recently, we disconnected one of the printers from the AS/400 dumb terminal and connected it instead through a PC that runs client access to access the AS/400.
I setup a client access print session and have tried lots of the choices
under "Manufacturer Type and Model", but cannot get the printer to print
the special fonts on the documents (larger fonts). The actual control
character strings print instead (just as they appear in the documents). Everything else prints OK.
The printer is in DPL24C+ emuluation. Nothing else has changed other than the printer is now hooked to a PC using Client Access as the print "server" instead of using the dumb terminal as the print "server".
Anyone know if the dumb terminal would have logic in it to drive the control characters or is it an issue of selecting the correct windows driver, PDT, and/or client access "Manufacturer Type and Model".

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